Global Chillin

The wifey and I went into Odaiba on the weekend which is a man made island connected to Tokyo by under water roadway, the amazing Rainbow Bridge, and an unmanned train amongst other ways in. There is so much photographic potential to easily warrant a couple of visits in an attempt to capture even a fraction of the potential this island has. I think this huge amount of potential affected my brain and it became overloaded just thinking about all the neat things around me. I ended up becoming too relaxed with my camera and made a few big mistakes.

Global Chillin

First, inside the Miraikan Museum of Science and Innovation, they had this amazing LCD globe of the world with massive windows which made for an amazing scene that required more dynamic range than my DSLR could capture in 1 shot. I planned to bracket my shots as I usually do for architectural scenes and ended up taking a large series of shots without the bracketing turned on! Now I have a bunch of series of 6 and 9 shots all with the exact same exposure which happened to be set for the inside only.


Then once it was dark, I turned my ISO up a bit to do some hand held shots. I then inadvertently left the ISO up the rest of the night which turns the D80 into a hot pixel factory on long exposures and seemed to rob me of a lot of color with the shorter exposure times. Needless to say, I will need to go back and try again. Maybe I am feeling the effects of photography intoxication, but hopefully this 2nd lesson keeps me more aware of what I am doing in the future.

3 thoughts on “Global Chillin

  1. I love those blues and the feeling of vastness in the top photo. Funny, I did an image something like the blue one on Friday.

  2. Superb, both of them!

    Many things annoy me. Ripping a crampon through my pant-leg. Knocking over a stove full of carefully melted snow. Dropping a karabiner. But nothing, nothing annoys me more than shooting dozens of shots and finding I’ve left my ISO dialed up high from the previous night. I feel your pain!

  3. That is probably the thing I envy the most on the D90, the ISO is always displayed in the viewfinder. But your case is worse since a train doesn’t take you to the top of each mountain for a do over!

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