On our way back from Jigokudani Yaen-Koen, we decided to take the Chuo Expressway on our way back to Tokyo to see some different scenery that we have never seen before. We stopped at the famous Matsumoto Castle in the Nagano prefecture. The castle was built in 1504 and while most of the castle was demolished and then rebuilt, it is still quite fascinating to walk through and admire the history. Although you cannot tell, the mountains in the background are extremely amazing and very jagged looking; something I never knew Japan had prior to moving here. We will definitely be exploring this area some more in the summer time.

Matsumoto Castle


4 thoughts on “Diversion

  1. I am forever fascinated by the different fortification techniques employed by the Japanese and, say, the English castle makers. This is a gorgeous photo.

  2. That’s a stunning shot. The Matsumoto tourist board should be paying you handsomely for such a wonderful photo.

    From memory, the highest peak there in the background is Otenjo-dake. Beyond that (and hidden in your photo) is the famous Yari-ga-take, the so-called Matterhorn of Japan. It’s a bit of a long climb from Kamikochi, but well worth doing if you ever have the time – just a beautiful, beautiful area. Let me know if you ever need information about when/how to climb there!

  3. Thank you both!

    Chris- Thanks for the info. Me and my wife were definitely thinking about making it up there in the summer time to climb and hopefully do a little backpacking. I will definitely take you up on that offer, although I heard you don’t actually climb any mountains in Japan.. I heard you just render amazing photo realistic pictures of mountains in Photoshop and pretend like there was a neat story to go along with the photos!

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