The Quiver

I have come across a few people on Flickr who shoot a lot of abstract work which surprisingly piqued my interest in it. I didn’t realize it until I went through a few streams full of great examples of abstract photography, but I think I could really get into this. I guess I am interested in most styles of photography, so why not practice this when I get a chance to add another style to my quiver of mediocrity?

Ochanomizu Abstract

I have to quick throw this little tidbit about a Firefox add-on I found called Firebug. I have no HTML or CSS skills. I am allowed to edit my CSS for my free WordPress account and it was very time consuming trying to make a barely acceptable theme for my version, which was an atrocity.

This program lets you view the HTML and CSS of any website with a simple right click. You can then change any values and see the results real time after making the change. It helped me get my blog to look like something I actually don’t mind in a very short amount of time. Anyone wanting to make slight modifications to their blog should check it out. Now if only I could figure out how to center my photos and text, but still give the text a left margin to start from…


2 thoughts on “The Quiver

  1. Thanks! I think the complex abstracts I took at the Tokyo International Forum is kind of like cheating. It is impossible to not point the camera at something interesting.

    Do you have a blog? Your name or icon does not link to any for me to check out. Thanks for stopping by!

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