The Man Comes Around

After a year of lust, I finally have a wide angle lens to play with, the Sigma 10-20mm. So far I am amazed at the varying perspective you can create by barely moving a couple of inches. Definitely a well-built, solid lens as well.

The Man Comes Around

I can see this lens staying on my camera the majority of the time I use it; I have always been more of a landscape and architecture type of guy and this lens creates a whole new way to view the world through my viewfinder.

Fussa Underpass-0510


2 thoughts on “The Man Comes Around

  1. I always thought that 10-20 was a macro lens. If this is true, then I always thought macro meant up close and personal and that focusing on farther images was not going to work. Was I mistaken?

  2. The 10-20 is actually just a wide angle, but wide angle lenses typically allow you to focus on things that are only inches away like a macro lens would.

    A macro lens usually allows you to focus on things that are very close, but what makes them macro is that the reproduction ratio of the image it takes is 1:1 (actual life size) while most lenses are around 1:6. That means the image is shrunk down slightly smaller than the actual size. You can still focus on objects that are far away like any other lens, but almost all macro lenses are geared towards focusing up close, so they usually are a lot slower at focusing at things far away.

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