Fostering Wifey’s Addiction

When I upgraded my camera body I ended up having an extra D40 laying around. I kept trying to get Amber into photography because I figured you could force addictions on people as if this was heroin and you knew that if they had just a slight taste, they would be helplessly overtaken by it. I told her to give the D40 a try during our monkey outing before I sold it.

I set the D40 to shoot jpeg and affixed a lens between her and the monkeys. Well, the snow monkeys proved to be the figurative narcotic I was looking for. She forced me to buy a wide angle lens (against my will) and book a longer trip to Jigokudani Yeankoen for another photo session. She even learned how to use Lightroom! Overall she captured a ton of great shots, especially considering I hogged the telephoto lens most of the time. I promised to share on our next trip…

Here are some of her shots:

Amber's Snow Monkeys

Amber's Snow Monkeys-94

Amber's Snow Monkeys-33


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