I came across Flickr member Erroba’s photostream and he happened to have a nice little tutorial on how to stitch together a vertorama. So here is my 1st attempt… Surprisingly easy to do in Photoshop, but I need to find a better foreground next time.

Lake Sayama- Vertorama


6 thoughts on “Vertorama

  1. Hi Clint,

    I got your message on my blog. Thanks for the kind words. Now that I have the D80, my goal is to be as good a photographer as you are… 🙂

    My problem may be that I haven’t found a good soul to import into my D-80. I didn’t want the cheap one living in my Kodak Easy Share… 🙂

    Good luck and keep in touch!


  2. Interesting! I’d not heard of Vertoramas before, but I rather like them – I had a browse on Flickr and found some that were combo-HDR/vertoramas even.

    Not only does the D80 have a soul, it has a temper too. It hates to be stuck in the rucksack, and takes its revenge by throwing off the exposure for a couple of dozen shots afterwards. Clip it to the outside of the pack, however, and it’s happy come rain or shine.

  3. Yeah this one is actually HDR, I went a little conservative on the HDR affect on this one because so far my D80 settings seem to push my photos well into the fake looking range for some reason. I have to figure out how to stop that.

    Well, your D80 must be pretty laid back since you let it literally chill out in the harsh weather of the big ass mountains of Japan I had no idea that existed until I found your blog.

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