Materialism is supposed to be this evil thing right? Well I guess I have mixed feelings on that because I have so much excitement at the thought of a little piece of material arriving in my mail box, that I have actually lost a little bit of sleep over the past few days. I expected my material to be here by Monday, yet it still eludes me. I feel like my mind is over-cooked with anticipation that mounts with each subsequent day that it does not arrive. Is this rational behavior? My expectant material I eagerly await is after all a D80. Is that not a good exception to the evils of materialism?



One thought on “Anticipation

  1. A D80 might be a material object, but it’s a material object that helps you see and capture the beauty of our world and share it with many others. Definitely non-evil.

    The question is, how do I twist that logic to allow me to buy a handheld GPS unit?

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