Pseudo Christmas Tree’s

We were in the Yokohama Landmark Tower mall yesterday and came across a Christmas tree made of glass and multicolored LED lights. Every half hour the same John Mayer song would start playing and the LED lights would put up a vibrant display of light in sync with the song. I only had my 50mm f1.8 lens with me and a tripod I left in the vehicle we arrived in… Since I don’t have auto-bracketing I had to split a single HDR image to get my fix. I am sure a long exposure on a tripod would have looked really neat.



2 thoughts on “Pseudo Christmas Tree’s

  1. Gorgeous photos. I lived in Yokohama and went to school very close to Landmark Tower for about a year, from 2007-08…. I miss Japan terribly.

    Can I ask what you’re up to over there? Teaching? Studying? Working?

  2. Thank you for your comments. Me and my wife work for the US government which allows us to move to different parts of the world after a couple of years at each location. We absolutely love living in different countries.

    Do you have a blog or website as well? Clicking on your name of thumbnail doesn’t take me to any links.

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