Oh yes, yet another photo of the Tokyo Tower masquerading in blue drag. I am barely half done going through my photos. Unfortunately, I have come across completely lackluster sky tones in a lot of my pictures that are usually out of my technical grasp of Photoshop doctoring expertise.

Blue Tokyo Tower 25


2 thoughts on “Moar?

  1. Thanks for the compliment.

    I know I used to get my different exposures by adjusting the aperture which was really making for some blurry results when combined. Now I make certain to not change the aperture from picture to picture. I think what helps me the most is using the Noise Ninja plug-in for Photoshop.

    I have been running it twice with default settings on each night picture with pretty good results. It does actually add noise to the sky, so I have to separate the sky and add a gaussian blur to it. Noise Ninja is easily my favorite tool other than Photomatix and PS itself.

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