Lava St.

Here is another slightly interesting picture taken through the window of our hotel in Singapore. This is an HDR shot that I am surprised turned out since I had my camera sitting on top of books and jammed into the window. My D40 lacks auto-bracketing so I had to manually move dials to capture each separate exposure value. This time it was about as sharp as I could expect to get it using such a ghetto method.

Singapore City Streets


3 thoughts on “Lava St.

  1. A nice shot, I think your ghetto method worked fine. I read somewhere that if you shoot RAW then it is possible to just take one frame and later produce over and under developed counterparts for an HDR. I’m too lazy to shoot RAW and do all the conversions, but it might be something to look into if the D40 doesn’t autobracket..

  2. Yup…you can create an under/over exposure in Camera Raw, or you can actually do it directly in Photoshop with a Curves adjustment. Then bring those 3 images into Photomatix.
    Best regards,

  3. That does produce some pretty decent results. However, it still lacks the tonal range that a true multi-bracketed shot would be able to provide. So for me the results of splitting one HDR and creating multiple values seems to look close to what just tonemapping my RAW photos looks like. The best solution for me though, is to buy a D300 soon!

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