Motosuko Campground

We headed back up to Lake Motosu for a long weekend of camping for a third time and found a nice campsite kind of separated from the main crowd of campsites.

Our Campsite In the Morning-
Morning Campsite

We had thought it was free but the first morning we were visited by employees collecting money at the rate of ¥2,500 a night. Kind of disappointed us as we thought we found the rarest of rare in Japan, something free!

Lake Motosu Evening1

We brought our bikes up this time and rode around the lake once each day. Towards the end of the last ride I was stung by an unidentified insect on the back of my right leg. This little sting became infected the next day and turned into cellulitis covering the entire back side of my hamstring area! Itching and burning ALL the time, the itching is still bothering me as I write this 5 days later. My doctors were worried it would creep into main ducts in the body as it moved onto my ass at one point. Luckily strong antibiotics and laying around with my leg elevated all week has almost completely killed it. The ride was fun though!

Amber During Sunset at Lake Motosu-
Amber Sunset


2 thoughts on “Motosuko Campground

  1. I’m considering going camping at Lake Motosuko in September. The campground looks amazing!!! Can you tell me the name of the campground?

    Thank you in advance.

    PS. How’s your leg??

  2. Sorry, I cannot find the name online. There is pretty much only one area to camp and it is on the side closest to Fuji. I think it is just first come first serve and there will be people walking around collecting money in the morning or evening. The campground is quite large, but by September it should not be very busy by then and you should have a pretty easy time finding a good spot.

    My leg.. Well, that was about 7 days of intense fire on the entire backside hamstring area. I don’t think I will ever forget that incident!

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