Little Boys and Their Trains

Japan is just as famous for the their train system as they are their sushi. They are everywhere I look including a couple of hundred yards from our balcony. But that is a good thing!

Near Kawasaki-
Kawasaki Train Arrival

It is fairly common to see moderately sized groups of people on station platforms photographing trains as they approach and depart. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Arriving at Tachikiawa, JR Chuo Line-
Chuo Line Tachikawa

One thing I do not like about the trains in Japan are the “Rapid” trains. Rapidly Stops would be a more fitting name. There are so many stations in the Tokyo area that a Rapid train feels like it stops as soon as it leaves the last train station.

Tachikawa at Night-
Hachioji Train Station

This will not be the last time I post pictures of Japanese trains in this blog! And if you happen to be looking for information about train schedules, here is the link to the English HYPERDIA Train Tables.


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