Now that the extreme humidity has arrived, it is time to head even higher than Okutama to escape to cooler temperatures. After scouring the Internet, we decided to try out Lake Sai-ko for camping which is located near the base of Mt. Fuji. We ran into unexpected traffic, so about 2.5 hours later and ¥1900 lighter we arrived at the Kawaguchiko exit and elected to drive behind Lake Kawaguchi for the famous view of Mt. Fuji.

Lake Kawaguchi with view of Mt. Fuji-
Lake Motosu Camping

Next we drove a couple of minutes to my favorite lake, Lake Sai-ko. The camping areas were all pretty crowded and lacked any shade from the trees. We decided to head over to Lake Motosu as we had been there once before and remembered spying a camping area in the trees near the shore.

We couldn’t find any sort of sign stating we had to pay, so we found a nice spot amongst the hundreds of campers and their vans, it even had firewood from the previous residents!
*Edit- Free was too good to be true. Our third trip up and we found out that Camp Motosuko cost’s ¥2,500 a night! Nothing is cheap in Japan!

Lake Motosu Sunset HDR-
Lake Motosu Camping

Lake Motosu-ko is the deepest of the 5 Fuji lakes with a depth of 563 feet, which also makes it the only lake in the region that does not freeze over in winter. Lake Motosu is a very popular lake for windsurfing and this weekend was full of windsurfers catching the many frequent breezes.

Lake Motosu Windsurfers-
Lake Motosu Camping

The camping was free, the water was almost warm enough to swim in comfortably, and it was unexpectedly peaceful despite hundreds of people camping all around us. I guess you adapt to being around crowds all the time living near Tokyo.

Lake Motosu Glass Bottom Tour Boat-
Lake Motosu Camping


2 thoughts on “Camping!

  1. Sorry, but there was not any information that we were able to find. We basically just drove by there before while exploring and saw a lot of people camping. We didn’t even figure out you had to pay until one of the people came around in the morning asking us to pay for the night.

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