Great Buddha

Last June we set off for Kamakura to see the Great Buddha and other temples in the near by area. The Great Buddha was constructed in 1252 and is the second largest statue in Japan.


The statue used to be covered in a temple hall until a tsunami actually made it all the way to the Kotokuin Temple grounds where it is located, and washed the building away at the end of the 15th century.

Great Oranges

The most impressive site of Kamakura was the Hasedera Temple which overlooks the coastal area of Kamakura. The temple contains everything from hundreds of statues, loads of blooming flowers, a temple, rice balls :), and even a cave.


One visit surely is not enough to this amazing temple. I will definitely make my way back to the Hase Temple seeing how it is a photographic playground, especially when all of the enormous flowers are in bloom.

People Bokeh


2 thoughts on “Great Buddha

  1. You have taken some amazing photos, and I know everyone who comes to your site will express these same sentiments. What an eye for the unusual and it’s an artist who can see beauty in everyday things in Japan, Turkey, or your hometown.

    What talent!! I know you’ll do well with future plans and many many more photos. Keep on clicking!

  2. Nice site.

    >The “Swastika” symbol you see in the picture above actually means “Temple” in Japanese.

    Actually, the swastika is a Buddhist good luck symbol. So, it’s from India…not Japan. (The Nazi flag used a swastika because it’s a lucky symbol).

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